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Stylike Users Are Getting Paid $4 to $96 Daily

Social media websites like YouTube & Facebook pay users for creating content. Not only it is time-consuming, but revenue also is not guaranteed. It is because users need thousands even millions of views on their videos to make a good amount of money.

Isn’t it fascinating to make money by just taking photos and cash out on the same day? Why not only spend less than twenty minutes a day and makeup up $96 daily?

Fashion TV is always one step ahead when it comes to appreciating fashion lovers. Stylike is an exciting web 3.0 Fashion App backed by FTVIO & Fashion TV. In less than 90 days, more than fifty thousand users have joined Stylike and earning money by uploading photos and taking part in competitions.

Your income on Stylike is based on the camera and your ability to complete daily tasks. By using the Stylike NFT users can log into the application and upload photos according to the given task to receive their reward.

To become a Styliker you don’t have to be an expert, everyone can take part in daily competitions and everyone can earn money depending on their uploaded photos. The goal is to reward fashion lovers who are willing to put their precious time and effort. Tasks on Stylike application are simple such as ‘upload your photo in nature.’

With Stylike, Fashion TV is encouraging young talented people to earn based on their fashion.

Stop wasting countless hours on social media websites like Instagram where you upload photos and get nothing. Join Stylike, the best NFT marketplace , own a NFT camera today and start earning from tomorrow.

Stylike Anti-Ponzi solution and In-App advertisement system allow the project to manage rewarding its users every day for their activity. Stylike is enabling young talented people to get reward for their looks.

Download Stylike for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fargolab.stylike

Download Stylike on IOS:




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